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Travelling in Large Groups

Travelling with friends and family is a great way to open up to new experiences in different towns and cities and enjoy them together. Even so, many people prefer not to arrange group travel because it can become a logistical nightmare and, to...Read more

Nights Out by Minibus

When planning a night out, most of the attention is diverted to which pubs, clubs and bars everybody wants to visit. Not many people think carefully about how they will travel to and from the city centre. ...Read more

Days Out in London

Something you’ll learn very quickly is that you won’t see all of London in just one weekend. If you’re visiting for the very first time, there are some must-see attractions which are synonymous with the capital city. For instance, you simply can...Read more

Top 3 reasons to rent a minibus on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a great time to celebrate, remember your past year and at the same time look forward to what the new year may bring. Goals, planning, new year resolutions, are often the thoughts that go through our minds this very night, however...Read more

Taking a Minibus to the Game

Securing tickets to a big game, be it football, rugby, cricket, or sport of any kind is very exciting. Will you be on the winning side? There’s nothing better than cheering on your team with fellow fanatics by your side. Going to the game with...Read more

5 Places to Visit in London

With so many places to see and things to do in London, it can be overwhelming to have to choose which of the attractions are a must and which can be relegated to any spare time or a second visit in the future....Read more

Alternative Ways to Travel in London

London is one of the most well-connected cities in the country, with numerous transport links in, around and out of the capital. However, with well over 8 million people residing in the city, it’s understandable if you would rather avoid the...Read more

Top 7 best places for Christmas Shopping in London

Get ready for the festive season and finish your Christmas shopping with original gift ideas and wonderful decorations from London's best Christmas shops....Read more

Theme parks in Essex

Experience Essex' wonderful theme parks and enjoy a fun-filled day out with your family and friends! Hire a minibus for your party and make your theme park day even more enjoyable!...Read more

Why hire a minibus to go to a concert?

Catching a concert is really exciting, especially if you will get to see your favourite artist. And if you've just had a hard day at work, a well-deserved, fun event is all you need to cheer up!...Read more