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5 Places to Visit in London

With so many places to see and things to do in London, it can be overwhelming to have to choose which of the attractions are a must and which can be relegated to any spare time or a second visit in the future.

The five attractions which we recommend are:

Windsor Castle

It’s easy to spend a whole day exploring Windsor Castle, which sits just outside of London in the county of Berkshire. The castle itself dates back to the 11th century and has thousands of years of royal history to its name.

Kings and Queens have resided in the castle dating from the Norman Invasion all the way to the present day. Not only is it the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, it’s also rumoured that the Queen chooses Windsor as her preferred weekend residence.

You could witness the Changing of the Guards before taking in the view over the Long Walk and chapel. The picturesque town of Windsor, with its quaint cobbled streets and boutiques, is also well worth a visit.  

Shakespeare’s Globe

This reconstructed Elizabethan theatre belonged to one of the greatest playwrights who ever lived. Learn about the history and heritage of Shakespeare, also known as The Bard, at the Globe which sits on the south bank of the River Thames. Fans of The Bard can take a tour behind the scenes of this seminal open-air theatre.

Tower of London

The Tower of London has long been regarded a site of torture and death, though it is so much more; this building is a royal palace, an armoury and a potent fortress. A visit to the Tower of London is also your chance to view the precious Crown Jewels, hear the bloody tales of a Beefeater and stand where, at one time, you may have lost your head.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, a magnificent Gothic church, is famous for its role as the coronation church of the Royal family. The church has held coronations for over 900 years and is also the burial ground of some world-renowned authors, poets, and physicians. Both Chaucer and Darwin rest within the church whilst Sir Isaac Newton’s tomb sits in Scientists Corner.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge has straddled the River Thames since 1954 and since become one of London’s most popular attractions. A trip to the top of the tower and a stroll through the new glass walkway will treat you to some fantastic views over the Thames. Can you stand on the glass areas of walkway or will you go round the edge?

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