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Alternative Ways to Travel in London

London is one of the most well-connected cities in the country, with numerous transport links in, around and out of the capital. However, with well over 8 million people residing in the city, it’s understandable if you would rather avoid the crush of the Underground at peak times. 

You might decide to walk to your destination, which is a great idea until you try it. A 10-minute journey could easily double with the amount of ducking and diving you’ll do in order to avoid a collision. If you’re new to the city, the back routes will still be a mystery, bounding you to the main streets where streams of people constantly flow. 

Travel Together in a Minibus

Are you planning to bring a group of friends with you to the capital? Don’t get caught out at the barriers in the tube station when that one person never gets their debit card out quick enough. Hiring a minibus is the clever way to make sure that everybody is able to travel safely together and split the fare evenly. 

Take Advantage of Insider Knowledge…

Your minibus driver will have insider knowledge of driving in and around London, ensuring you take the fastest route to your destination without ever getting stuck or heading in the wrong direction without realising. Driving in any city is stressful enough, so why not lift the burden from your shoulders, get the train to London and then let your minibus driver take to the wheel whilst you relax or plan the day’s activities with your friends. 

Enjoy a Great Night Out

A trip to London isn’t complete without a night on the town or an evening at a West End Theatre. When you have a minibus to hand, there’s no need to panic about making it back in time for the last train or having to take three connecting tubes to get back to your hotel. You decide when your night ends and nobody else. If you’ve done your research and you know where you want to go, your driver will be able to take you there or, if you’re less familiar with the nightlife here, your minibus driver will happily advise you. 

With so much to see and do in London and the surrounding areas, it’s a good idea to plan out where you want to go in the weeks leading up to your visit. This will make sure that you are able to find a viable route between each attraction, giving you the opportunity to squeeze in as much as possible without having to spend too much time travelling and not enough time doing. Hand your itinerary to your minibus driver and a personal tour of London will begin. 

If you are planning a trip to London in the near future, the wisest thing to do is organise your transport before you arrive, so you can really make the most of your break.