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Taking a Minibus to the Game

Securing tickets to a big game, be it football, rugby, cricket, or sport of any kind is very exciting. Will you be on the winning side? There’s nothing better than cheering on your team with fellow fanatics by your side. Going to the game with friends makes it even better.

Leave the Car at Home

Don’t take the risk of taking the car with you to a stadium. The chances are, you won’t be able to find anywhere to park that’s nearby or, if you do, you’ll pay a fortune for the privilege. Also, if a friend only has 5 seats in their car and there are six of you, who will have to swallow their pride and pay for the extra ticket?

Ease Parking Costs and Travel Together

All of these problems can be avoided with ease.... Hiring a minibus resolves any monetary issues, parking woes and enables everybody to travel in one vehicle. You will be able to travel to the venue and arrive in plenty of time to take your seats without the risk of getting lost or riding round looking for somewhere to leave your car.

When you exit the minibus before the game, you will be able to arrange a pick up point and time with your driver. That way, when you leave the venue, you know exactly where to head in order to get back into the minibus which will be there ready and waiting to take you home. Your driver will know the best way to get away from the stadium without getting stuck in too many queues, so you should get home in time to catch the highlights on TV.

Give John’s Minibus Hire a Call

Next time you plan to purchase some tickets for a game, leave the car at home, and get everyone round to yours. Give John’s Minibus Hire a call and your minibus will arrive on cue to collect you all, minimising the hassle.