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Top 3 reasons to rent a minibus on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a great time to celebrate, remember your past year and at the same time look forward to what the new year may bring. Goals, planning, new year resolutions, are often the thoughts that go through our minds this very night, however, because it's also a great time for celebration, most people start their evening with a few drinks for an extra holiday cheer. 

Another important aspect of this night is getting home safely after the party ends. Opting for private chauffeur transportation is a great solution if you think about the benefits that come with it. 

Here's why you should rent a chauffeur driven minibus service for New Year's Eve

1. You can bring your friends with you!

Plan and have some fun this New Years's Eve and go out and celebrate with your friends! Hiring a professional chauffeur driven minibus service is a great way to take the party with you and bring all your friends along the ride. A minibus is an excellent option if you're thinking how many of your friends can have a safe ride home and potentially share the costs with you.

2. It's affordable and fun!

Hire a private chauffeur driven minibus and avoid being popped for a DUI. If we think about it this way, hiring a minibus service is way cheaper than other potential fees and legal fines which can haunt you for years. Also, driving multiple cars means traffic confusion, a lot of gas, parking fees and potentially navigating to more than one destination.

3. Your safety is important!

Choose to travel safely on New Year's Eve! Even if you didn't have anything to drink, you should know that according to a recent study, “New Year's Eve fatalities are twice as likely to happen than any other night of the year.” At the same time, it is the most dangerous night for pedestrians as well if we think about the amount of intoxicated drivers that may use their car to drive around. Renting a private chauffeur driven minibus provides safe travel during the New Year's Eve night when the risks that come with driving a car are high and when the law enforcement is on alert to stop drunk driving. 

Although having a few drinks is a traditional way to embrace this wonderful night, by hiring a chauffeur driven minibus service is the only legal way to drink and ride.

Make the most out of your New Year's night and create wonderful memories with your friends and family.

Be safe this New Year's Eve and don't drink and drive! Professional, reliable chauffeurs are here to get you and your friends to the planned destination whilst celebrating the New Year in style.

Hire John's Minibus Hire service for your New Year's Eve night!

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